Kneeling on the bed I opened my legs and picked up my rabbit from my bedside cabinet. Placing the vibrator to my pussy lips I slowly slid the phallic device inside my pussy.

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As his hand finally rested on my red lace thong, he skillfully swept the flimsy garment to one side as I felt the breeze of air waft against my pussylips. Avoiding my pussy he teased the surrounding area to such a scale that a delightful orgasm swept through my pussy, forcing me to unlock our lips as I panted the orgasm out of my body.

He buried his head into my neck, nuzzling and nibbling the flesh. Whispering softly what he was about to do, as his breath stimulated every erogenous nerve in my neck and ears.

Two days after joining Stacy Puma in visiting her home town of Iron Wolf, Colorado he was still feeling the effects. Booze, Peyote, rough sex, humiliation, and the final blow living through Stacy's savage teeth and dagger like nails. The hot water stung at his scars.

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