Duncan pulls her closer until their brows meet.

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I watched in amazement as Kiersten's cheeks collapsed in and relaxed as she alternated between sucking and lashing Erin's clit. Erin howled. Her hands clutched the sheets and pulled at them.

Plus, I'm quite petite and her boobs are bigger than mine are, so the thin white T-shirt was stretched tightly across her braless breasts. Brooke's round pink nipples were clearly visible beneath the thin fabric and my dad couldn't take his eyes off her.

Brooke wanted a cup of coffee, so she reached for the top coffee mug on the highest shelf. Reaching up with both arms above her head caused the white T-shirt to rise up, completely exposing her little pink panties. It took her forever to select a coffee mug, which allowed my dad ample time to take a long hard look at her skimpy underpants.

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